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About the Author

I love to write. I wish I could tell you which genre. Alas, every time I think I've landed on a genre or a type, my mind kicks out something a little different. 

I once worked with a good man, a Staff Sergeant in the Arkansas Army Guard who, when faced with a stubborn soldier, would yell, "I do what I want!" Privates, hearing that catch-phrase knew to scatter and hide. I liked that shouting man and his infectious sense of humor so I'm appropriating his phrase. Here goes:

I write what I want!

Here's to hoping that you, the reader, actually gets something out of these stories. I want to thank you in advance for trying. Somewhere along the way, stories leave the pen or the computer, travel out into space, onto the Internet or the printed page and become...something else. They become a strange amalgamation, the public child, of the story that I intended and the good or ill will, the life experiences and the comprehension that the reader brings to it. Nothing, but nothing, is created by a single person. So, with that in mind. 

Lets tell a story together.



The book that never seems to end. My brother and I started brain-storming early last year and I've been working on it off and on ever since.
It's a story of the Ozarks, magic, bad behavior, violence and other cheerful things. The best part? Its protagonists, Jack and Jill. And yes, if you're curious, there will be a bucket of water somewhere in the story.

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"A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it."

John Steinbeck

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